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14 mai
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The profession of assembler: an example of a resume

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Installer is a rather generalized definition of a worker who assembles various structures or equipment. The specifics of the work activities of members of this profession depend on their area of employment. Installers may mount and install stretch ceilings, windows, electrical equipment, metal structures, and more.

Installer Job Duties

Regardless of the area of employment, an installer's job can be divided into the following basic steps:

  • receiving an order;
  • Examining the place or site where installation work will be carried out;
  • measuring and preparing the workplace;
  • selection of necessary tools, structures and other materials;
  • the implementation of assembly and installation;
  • quality control;
  • conducting additional corrective work (if required).

Installer is a universal profession, which is found in many areas, so it is not difficult to write a resume fixing service. Obviously, the installation of electronic equipment is seriously different from working with large-sized metal structures. Narrow specialization requires special profile knowledge and skills.

Pros and cons of working as an installer

Among the advantages of this profession are the following:

  • high demand;
  • versatility;
  • Decent pay (often piecework and depends on the amount of work performed).

The main disadvantages:

  • often difficult working conditions;
  • limited opportunities for career growth.

Often the installer's salary depends on the number of orders. Sometimes this can be a plus, but often low customer activity results in a significant reduction in income.

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